Title: “Aark’s DeFi Disruption: Seed Round Success and Future Innovations”

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Aark Revolutionizes DeFi with Successful Seed Round Funding

Aark completes Seed Round funding with investments from industry pioneers, shaping the future of DeFi with its 1000x perpetual DEX and innovative liquidity solutions.


Aark secures investment from HashKey Capital, Arrington Capital, and others after its successful Pre-Seed round in 2023. The company aims to transform the DeFi space by leveraging LRT assets for perpetual traders.

Main Points

With a focus on scalability and high-leverage trading, Aark plans to target the $10 billion TVL market. The CEO, Eden, emphasizes the company’s dedication to introducing DeFi innovations and propelling the on-chain derivatives industry to new heights.

Aark’s unique exchange model and focus on traditional finance attract support from investors like HashKey Capital and Morningstar Ventures. The company’s scalable infrastructure and commitment to innovation position it as a leader in the DeFi landscape.


Aark’s mission to surpass centralized DEXs and provide unparalleled trading solutions for both retail and institutional investors drives its growth and success. With a strong emphasis on security, scalability, and liquidity, Aark leads the way in DeFi advancements, setting a promising path for the future.