Dogecoin Down Nearly 20%, Will It Rebound On The Weekend?

Dogecoin has had a bearish week, down over 19%. At press time, the dog-themed meme coin is at $0.1538; however, it nearly reached as low as $0.13 just days ago. Additionally, trading volume for the asset is also down 11.29%.

Fortunately, though, optimism still stirs around Dogecoin, thanks partly to the Bitcoin Halving. The event, which is scheduled to occur at the end of this week, is expected to pump the entire cryptocurrency industry. With said pumping, Dogecoin may not sink much longer.

Source – Bankrate

Some analysts are predicting a bullish rise for Dogecoin, particularly this weekend following its rough spell. An exact number is hard to find. However, we can compare the predicted surge to that one in March. When the cryptocurrency market saw a pump in March, DOGE led the surge in meme-coins. March saw the asset climb back over 10 cents and double to over $0.22 later in the month. Thus, we could see a DOGE north of $0.20 surge if the market responds to the Bitcoin halving accordingly.

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On the other hand, cryptocurrency experts at Changelly predict that Dogecoin won’t see as huge a spike this week. For this timeframe, DOGE’s minimum price is anticipated to be $0.160, and the maximum price expected is $0.162. According to Changelly’s analysis, DOGE is unlikely to hit the $0.2 level this week.