BlockDAG’s Climb to Batch 9 Attracts Dogecoin & UNUS SED LEO Holders

LEO’s recent market performance has been remarkably turbulent. It has been marked by significant price fluctuations over the past day and week, culminating in a notable 5% dip by the end of the week. On the other hand, as Doge Day approaches, excitement among the Dogecoin community is gradually building, fueling a surge in Dogecoin prices.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG (BDAG) welcomes batch 9, boasting presales exceeding $17.3 million and coin sales surpassing 7.5 billion BDAG. This remarkable achievement shattered records as BlockDAG commemorated the launch of its DAGpaper at the Las Vegas Sphere following the successful reception of the Keynote Video. With BDAG’s current price standing at 0.005, it holds an impressive 30,000x potential, while experts remain steadfast in their belief that the price will soar to $10 apiece by 2025.

Charting the Turbulent Waters: Insights for UNUS SED LEO Holders

UNUS SED LEO ranks 23rd on CoinMarketCap based on market capitalisation, boasting a market value surpassing $5 billion. However, LEO’s recent market performance has been notably turbulent, characterised by significant price fluctuations, sparking hesitation amid UNUS SED LEO holders.

Despite experiencing drastic price swings over the past day and week, it closed the day down by a mere 0.57% and ended the week with a moderate 5% dip into bearish territory. This has effectively tempered the previously robust bullish momentum observed over the preceding month. Nonetheless, within the broader context, LEO is performing well.

Nearing Doge Day Sparks Surge in Value and Trading Opportunity

As Doge Day approaches on April 20th, an informal holiday cherished by the dedicated community of Dogecoin enthusiasts, excitement is steadily building. This anticipation has fueled a surge in Dogecoin’s value, with the cryptocurrency climbing from a low of $0.16 on April 5th to surpassing $0.20.

The current Dogecoin (DOGE) price chart displays a symmetrical triangle pattern, offering a potential opportunity for both investors and traders. Typically, traders await a breakout from the triangle pattern before initiating positions. A breakout beyond the triangle’s upper trendline signals a continuation of the uptrend, providing a bullish entry signal.

BlockDAG’s Lucrative Opportunity Unlocks a 30,000x ROI for Early Investors

Trading at $0.005, BlockDAG’s ninth presale batch has already sold over 7.5 billion coins, gathering an impressive $17.3 million in presales. This presents a compelling opportunity for early investors, with projections hinting at an extraordinary 30,000x return on investment upon its official launch. Positioned as a standout performer in the crypto sphere, BlockDAG promises lucrative returns for those who seize the opportunity early.

The project’s well-defined roadmap, which includes a scheduled mainnet launch within six months and an ambitious target of reaching $600 million in 2024, offers investors clarity and a strategic vision. BlockDAG’s community engagement strategy, featuring a 10% referral bonus for all referred investors, establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between the project and its supporters. This referral system incentivises existing community members to engage actively in the project’s development and acts as a natural marketing avenue.

Additionally, BlockDAG dedicates 14.8 billion coins (15% of the community allocation) to nurture a thriving community ecosystem. BlockDAG aims to empower community members and enrich the platform’s ecosystem through educational programs, courses, hackathons, seminars, and conferences.

BlockDAG Reigns Supreme

The Doge Day excitement is expected to fuel Dogecoin’s price surge, potentially shaping it as a 100x crypto by 2024. Conversely, while the UNUS SED LEO community is substantial, some are exploring alternative investments, with UNUS SED LEO holders eyeing innovative decentralised projects.

On that note, BlockDAG has been making waves in the crypto scene, launching batch 9, amassing over $17.3 million in presales, and selling over 7.5 billion coins. It presents a 100x opportunity akin to other renowned cryptocurrencies and boasts a 30,000x ROI potential, making it a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

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